Baby-Sitting and Obon

This weekend was Gardena Buddhist Church obon festival. I forgot about it until my sister told me that there’s an obon festival in Gardena. I was slightly confused when she told me that, because I thought to myself, ‘Is that Gardena Buddhist Church’s obon? Isn’t it supposed to be in August?” … Then I realized that it already is August.

After Laura took off, leaving Ume behind to be baby-sat, I looked online to see what time the obon started. I think we were talking about doing something the entire day, but going to the obon won out. Gotta be cultural.

We took off at around 4:30, but I was interested in watching the bon odori at 6 PM than anything else, so it worked out for me. I wish I could participate in the dancing, but I don’t know the moves. Maybe the internet will tell me how to dance so I could be ready for next year. Maybe Ume can learn the moves and teach me.

My mom, Ume, and I watched the dancing for about 40 minutes and then we went home.