The Wii Channel

Wow, such nostalgia! Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released on 4/13/1992. I know I didn’t get it when it came out. My mom bought the SNES for me and Laura as a Christmas present. Of course, I think I played with it more than my sister did, heheh. Super Mario Bros came out on 10/18/1985. I got the NES for Christmas in 1986, when I was 9 years old.

I figured out why my Wii wasn’t connecting to my router. I had to switch it to a different setting so now my router runs a bit more slower than it can. I might get a LAN adapter so my Wii doesn’t have to go through wireless… But that’s an extra $25 plus tax, so I’ll have to think about that one for a bit…

Oh, I surfed on the Wii Channel on my neighbor’s connection while I figured out what was wrong with mine… ^^; Time to sleep!

61.5 Hours of Work

Yes, 61 hours working! A new high! (Or is it a low? I like work, so let’s say high.) Fixing a bunch of stuff. Can’t leave until the game clears. I was at work until 2 am. Wow! That’s a new record for me! I’m so tired, but I’m not sleepy because I drank a lot of caffiene… Beta is this weekend, so it’s been very hectic, especially for designers and coders.

Today’s dinner was from a restaurant, we got to pick our meal from a menu. I ordered a chicken sandwich with steamed spinach on the side. Hmmm, steamed spinich. :9 Too bad I don’t have soy sauce at work.

I Have Gas…

Lots of farts. What to do with so many farts? I don’t know. I’ll just sit here. Think about showering, but not. Maybe I’ll just pass out early. Sounds good to me.

Now that I’ve decided that I’m going to skip my shower, I’m going to write in my blog some more about my fun (read: boring) day. I get to work at my usual time of around 10:30 am, and I clock in on the nifty (read: big brother) Kronos system. Yeay. Lunch time rolls around, it’s time to clock out. Click. Nothing happens. Click. Still nothing. Hmm…. Click a third time to make sure I wasn’t clocked back in for whatever odd reason. It’s Monday so that means it’s board game day! There were 13 people today so we played Trivial Pursuit. It was a tie game. Back to work, Brian and I rushed back to our respective desks so we can do the clocking in thing… But mine doesn’t seem to be registering my clicks on the time stamp button… I ask Brian and his is working. I can see all the time on his… So… I end up sending an e-mail to the HR lady and IT about it. In turn they say to go e-mail the producers on my team. Okay. E-mailed and the times are properly recorded… Then for dinner, I seem to have the same problem. I can’t see the times that are being recorded. Argh. I click twice. Later on, I e-mail Greg again. Blah blah blah. Now I’m tired of writing. I’m going to bed. Good night!

Prepare For The Advent Of Kronos…

So for my birthday, Dave got me a book and green tea cream puff. Cream puff ~<3 For dinner, we went to El Torito and Dave went back to work... which he still there at this current moment of 12:26 am... I should go to bed. I have to start clocking in tomorrow. Brian who also has to start clocking in is still currently at work. I think he should get paid to be there now as it is Monday now.

Helping A Random Person in Delkfutt’s Tower

Redwolfe said that I probably couldn’t beat Porphyrion as a level 52 red mage. I’m like, no way! I’m gonna kill it! I found a random taru, Natedawg (I think) at the entrance who needed the map to the tower and the keys to the place. I’m like I can help, but there is a slight chance of death. So it took about 1 hour to get up there and Porphyrion is bigger than the rest of the gigas monsters… Luckily, someone attacked and distracted the rest of the gigas so I attacked Porphyrion head on! Nate 2-houred Mighty Strikes and the NM went down pretty quickly. Even if I was soloing the monster, I’m pretty sure I could have taken him down just as easily. My MP didn’t even hit halfway when Porphyrion was defeated and he missed his attacks a lot, too. I would have thought Mighty Strikes would have gained the hate, but I pretty much had hate the entire way through. Kick ass!

The Big 3-0!

Yeay! I’m 30! I’m 30! Thirty is the new twenty! And for my birthday I will… go to work! YEAY! Time to sleep so I can do just that! XD

… >.>;;

Aside from that, I got frozen yogurt from Pink Berry after Chinese food with Sat, Vu, Allen, and Steve tonight (as in Saturday night). It is pretty good frozen yogurt. I tried green tea frozen yogurt with strawberries and I gave Dave the plain frozen yogurt with strawberries. ^_^

Zero Minutes Of Geeky Fame….

So Stephanie sends me a message over MySpace about a tv show looking for geeky gamer girls for a makeover. I’m like here! Here! But it turns out my life is too busy to allow such an event. They wanted me to take two days off from work, one day could have been doable if I worked over the weekend… BUT as it turns out, I have to work over the weekend anyways, so I can’t trade off any days, or attempt to at least… They also wanted to film me at my house and at my work place. My house… My mom would not be happy about unless I cleaned the rest of the house. And work? Legal would say no. That’s not even a question I could probably ask. Everyone is probably uptight at work, so I’m not going to be rocking the boat. I suppose it was all wishful thinking in the end. Darn it! I wanted a free makeover! ;_;

Speaking of work… I have to work both days this weekend! My birthday is on Sunday and I’m going to be spending it at work! And starting Monday I get to start clocking in. I told Brian we should go on as many coffee and tea runs as possible because starting next week we would have to clock out to go. Stupid Kronos. Creeps me out because it reminds me of some cheesy story line possibly involving monster robots bent on taking over the world…