Eye Drops

First there was Travatan Z. Then my eye hemorrhaged a red dot. Now there’s Xalatan. Reading up on the new drug’s side effects, looks like more of the same. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore hemorrhaging of my eye.

I bought a 26″ HDTV from a coworker for $700. Only 1 day old. Sweet. Now I’ll need to get an HDTV antenna. And then use it for only 1 day before I head off to Japan. Laura is taking Dave’s old 27″ TV.


Saw 300 with Kandarp and one of his friends. It was okay, too much testosterone for me. The visuals were awesome. The fake blood made the beheading more palatable somehow.

Helping A Friend…

I helped Ardith move some of her stuff today (yesterday). She has a lot of stuff! There’s no way it could have been possible to move everything in one trip. Too much stuff. After we were done, she bought us food and ran off with her dad.

Afterwards, Dave and I went to go see a movie. We went to the new AMC at Del Amo Mall to see Reign Over Me, but the show times were kinda late. Dave wanted to try at the AMC in Rolling Hills so we ended up there (after I bought a small scoop of green tea gelato, yum!). I liked the movie a lot, but while I was watching it, it reminded me of someone I know.

No More Band, Sadness

The men’s team lost last night. It was pretty cool that they got all the way to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Long Beach State was just too powerful. That and the ref sucks. I did my best to cheer on the team since the cheerleader’s don’t.

Ugh, I don’t like our cheerleaders. It seems they forgot the cheerleading part of cheerleading. They also seem to be out of tempo from the band and the CIA. The CIA doesn’t know how to follow either. If the band sets up the cheer, don’t start cheering at a different tempo. Idiots.

I miss band already. *sniff* ;_;