Women in Games Mixer

There was a mixer for Women in Games International at El Torito next to work today. It was pretty cool, but really crowded. We played a little bingo game where each person had to walk around and find a person that fit the description in the box. Some of them were easy, while other descriptions were harder. The easier ones were something like, has been in the industry for 3 or more years. The harder ones were like recently bought a house. One lady I talked was a head hunter. She asked me what I did and I said I was an artist and she immediately whipped out her business card and pamphlet. I took them rather hesitantly. :\ I don’t want to be head hunted. :( As for prizes, I got a deck of Pirates of the Caribbean playing cards. Kick ass. ^^

Hot Fuzziness

Last night I saw Hot Fuzz with a few of my coworkers and Dave. Originally, it was going to some tennis, dinner and then movie, but the tennis courts were wet. I can’t play that much anyways because my right foot is hurting now, so my plan was to mostly watch the usual gang play. Since we can’t play on wet courts, we skip ahead to the dinner part. Three people are in (including me), one person bails on us for a jacuzzi (wait, aren’t we invited, too?! lol), one guy has to work, and another person we manage to get to come out for dinner, but not the movie. Looking at the clock said that we would have to jet to the theater and eat around there in order to make it in time. Somehow we manage to kidnap and convince (not much work involved) the one who was only joining us to eat to watch the movie with us. We buy the tickets and then go eat dinner. While at the restaurant waiting for food, we see a bunch of other coworkers walking by. I call up my friend in that group and ask him to hold us seats. He does, and I owe him Dr. Peppers and cookies and stuff now. The movie theater was packed. Like, wow. How did I like the movie? I liked it, a lot. It was pretty funny. I will have to see Shaun of the Dead since it’s made by the same people.

I Am 8-Bit Gallery Opening… With Free Booze!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 12:54 AM // Today was the opening to the i am 8-bit gallery showing on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. Two of my coworkers had their pieces in this show. It got me thinking that I really should make something and try to get it into the next showing. I wanted to ever since I heard about it’s first gallery event back in my Gray Matter days. Time to sharpen up my watercolor skills full time instead of part time. RAWR!

Japanized (?!) Chinese Food

So I was talking with a friend I ran across today after work about how the Chinese food in Japan is Japanized. Or rather, in better English, it has a Japanese flair.

In America, there are two kinds of Chinese food: Americanized Chinese food and good Chinese food. Americanized Chinese food is the fast food stuff that everyone gets. Not necessarily delicious, but usually good enough to eat if you’re hungry or in the mood for anything that can pass off as Asian food. Sometimes they can be down right nasty. Good Chinese food usually comes from restaurants where there are ducks hanging metal wires in front and you see a lot of Chinese people sitting inside.

I’ve only had Chinese food in Japan once so I can’t say what other types of Chinese food there are in Japan. There was the Chinese pickles, which strangely enough I don’t see in served in any Chinese restaurants in the US. I don’t even know what they’re called in Japanese. I just see those pickles labeled as “Chinese pickles” at the deli section in Nijiya. *shrug* I just remembered my mom buying them and serving them to us when I was a little kid. They were good. I saw them again when I was working as an administrative assistant at GMI during my lunch hour break. Yum. I ordered a chicken dish and in the chicken dish was stuff that usually comes in sansai dishes. Now that I’ve never seen in Chinese dishes here. Not to mention, my meal was on an o-bon, teishoku style. So anyways, now that a week as passed between when I ate the Chinese food with the Japanese flair and now, I really can’t remember what else was in the rest of it.