Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

I was a bit worried that the movie would turn out as bad as Spiderman 3 after I saw rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but actually it wasn’t all that bad. I enjoyed it. It definitely wasn’t at the level of the first movie, but I think it was good overall. The fight scenes were a bit longer than I would have liked, and the story line was a bit twisty.

After the movie, I wanted to get the PotC: At World’s End video game for the Wii. I knew it wasn’t going to be that great and the guy at the video game store was like, “are you sure?” … Maybe the next time that happens, I’ll just go… ‘Hmm, you’re right!’ and Just drop everything and leave the store.

High Cholesterol Level…

I got a letter from Saint John’s Hospital about my blood donation… My blood type is AB positive (I already knew that), and my cholesterol level is… 228! >_< Noooo!! That’s higher than before, but this test was done while I wasn’t fasting so my real score might be lower. I hope it’s under 200… >_<; I need to go set up an appointment with my doctor to have a real blood work up done.

5 Year Anniversary in FFXI

I finally got my anniversary ring. The moogle gave me some info, too:


Now that information in English:

Number of chat: 161571
Number of chats with NPCs: 22402
Number of parties: 1003
Number of alliances: 165
Number of battles: 14550
Number of deaths: 347
Number of I’ve defeated the enemy: 12697
Number of GM calls: 3

Wow. I died a lot. I wonder what other people’s death count is at. My play time is almost at 132 days. Nice! (Although, some people will say that is a sad number…) ^_^

Momo 5 and 6

Eeek! There are still episodes that I haven’t watched of ‘Hanayome wa yakudoshi!’ It’s so early in the morning, I need to go to bed. Such a good drama. I might has well watch the episodes I have watched over again when I get to it.

Diabolos, COME AND GET ME! WAIT, I’m not ready yet!!

Thanks to one of my friends in FFXI, I managed to finish the mission right before the Diabolos fight. I really like the CoP story line and I really want to see it finished, especially before the new expansion pack comes out at the end of the new year.

Speaking of which, I’m hoping my US PS2 drive doesn’t fail on me before the game is out. It’s having a hard time reading DVDs sometimes. I think it doesn’t read burned DVDs at all, which isn’t too much of a problem since I still have my JP PS2.


I love ‘Hanayome wa yakudoshi!’. The standard Japanese fluff that I occasionally love. I only managed to catch the last few episodes on KSCI, so I rented the DVD from Video Japan to see the beginning. Tonight I finished episode 4, or ‘momo 4’ as the series likes to call it. ^_^ The main character is very cute and spunky. The main male character looks rather cute, too, but he kinda looks like he has eye liner going around his eyes. Actually, I thought he looked kinda funny at first, but after watching more of the story unfold, he became cute.