I Love Chocolate

I got my order of Chuao Chocolates yesterday. I forced them down onto several people at work, well, tiny pieces. I love chocolate, and I love sharing what I love. Now… Should I send my cousin and aunt chocolate from my stash or order them a new package sent directly to them? Hmm… Chocolate…

Stupid Guivre! >_<

So my FFXI adventure starts off with being invited to Fynlar’s experience points party as a red mage in Bibiki Bay. Everything is going great, I’m being the dutiful refresh whore that I should be, but the party breaks up sooner than I had anticipated. I had just used an Empress Band, so Fynlar suggest I kill crabs in Kuftal Tunnel until I get full use of my exp bonus. I’m like, sure!

So I’m in Kuftal Tunnel, soloing crabs as Fynlar cures me as rdm/pld when Guivre pops and makes his presence known. He kills off a few people along with Fynlar and me. Fynlar gets a raise, comes to raise me and I start casting escape as I rejoin Fyn’s party.

Of course, whenever a large NM pops like that, revenge is in order. Fynlar rushes to Rabao to change subjobs from paladin to ninja. (Woot RDM/NIN go!) When he gets back, we see a bunch of people had run out of the tunnel to escape the rampaging dragon. On hearing Fynlar is going to solo it, a few people get a little too excited and follow us right into a bunch of crabs. I imagine they died…. >.>;

The thing about Guivre is that he runs fast. Escape is not an option when he is after you. However, it’s a little different when you’re chasing it. When we finally find him, he’s already claimed by another party. So after a bit of watching, their red mage eats it, their ninja eats it, their whm eats it, and their other ninja eats it, and their first ninja eats it again… Guivre runs off, goes yellow, and we go chasing after it. I head south and my sneak is wearing off, so I start recasting sneak, click off old sneak, new sneak is cast and I run… But instead of running smoothly past the cactaurs, I aggro a bunch of them. I didn’t click off sneak as I thought I had, and I’m quickly dead, eating dirt. Fynlar finds Guivre, but he didn’t have much of a chance and he eats it, too. After that we both HP and and log off.

Thus, that is the misadventure of the weekend. It was fun though. ^^;

Jury Duty Service Is Now Complete

And so today is the last day to call in to see if I have jury duty. I am crushed because all I ever was was “on call”. There was no jury selection process. There was no waiting in the jury room. It was just me, a phone, and a string of numbers. This makes me sad. I really, REALLY wanted to be on a jury. I was so close the last time (not really, but let us pretend) to being on a jury, only to be dismissed by the prosecutor. Maybe in next year.

Rex and Peter, and Cute Baby Bunnies

Yesterday, Laura adopted two rabbits from PetSave Foundation in San Pedro.

We started our day there by cleaning. Well, Laura cleaned, and I played with the little bunnies. They had cute little baby bunnies running around and totally making a mess out of their cage. Stinky! But oh, how they were cute!

At the Bunny Shelter

At the Bunny Shelter

Attached to the rabbit shelter was a gift store that helped generate income for the shelter. They had some really neat stuff, so I bought something to help them out. Two pairs of earrings. One is of rabbits. The other is of dragonflies.

Laura picked a pair of scardy cat rabbits named Ginger and Paprika. On the way home, Laura told me she wanted rabbits named Rex O’Hurlahan the Singing Cowboy and Peter the Town Drunk. Problem, both rabbits were girls. I suggested several different names, like maybe Shouga for one of them. Then I thought that maybe Shouga sounded like a male name also. (Shouga means ginger in Japanese.) Then I thought Wasabi and Karashi. Although, Karashi kinda rhymes with ‘kareshi’ (boyfriend) or like my dad’s name Takashi… No, Laura decided she really wanted to name them Rex O’Hurlahan the Singing Cowboy and Peter the Town Drunk. So now, Ginger and Paprika are Rex and Peter. >.>;

Once they were home, Rex kept on running away from us. Peter was much more friendly and allowed people to pet her. In order to get close to Rex, I had to lie down on my stomach and inch closer and closer. We must have spent about and hour in Laura’s backyard trying to get them acclimated to their new surroundings. Franklin tried to feed Peter a yogurt chip, but she took it with her teeth and flung it. >_< Rex just kept on running away. Although, I think Peter did eat the banana piece that was offered to her, Rex was still in panic mode to even consider sniffing for food. Eventually, they were put into their new hutches in the atrium while Laura, Janette, and I went shopping for a litter box for them.

Green Grass of Freedom!!

Laura and Peter

Laura and Rex

New Home

I wonder how they are doing now.

Die With a “T”

So I never fully understood the Garfield joke “Die with a ‘t'” until now.

The lab results says my cholesterol is 241. My HDL is 46 (way low) and my LDL is 163 (way high). Everything else in my blood test was normal. So now I need to lose 10 pounds, exercise pretty much almost daily for 30 to 40 minutes, and not eat as many saturated foods… A diet. Die with a ‘t’. I need to schedule a follow-up doctor’s appointment in 3 months. *sigh* I think I’ll schedule a complete physical that day, too.

Walking around Nijiya while shopping for dinner foods sucked. There were all these yummy looking snacks and candies lying about… It calls to me… Today I was strong, but tomorrow? I hope I still am… *sigh* It’s going to be a long 3 months.

I Drool For Chocolate

About two weeks ago, I went to the Irvine Spectrum with a few of my high school friends after looking at the Fun With Chalk event and we came across a chocolate store. I’m not one to turn down any kind of chocolate so we walked in. I’m finishing up my 2nd bar now and I want more! They have got to be one of the best chocolates I’ve tasted. I got a nutmeg chocolate bar and a spicy maya chocolate bar. Mmm, guuud.

Link: Chuao Chocolatier

Playstation 3

I finally managed to get the Playstation 3 from one of my coworkers for the good price. It took a while to even get it off of him, which I totally blame his friend for, but at least I saved money now.

Right now I’m setting it up to play Final Fantasy XI. The keyboard I’ve been using to play FFXI seems to lock up the PS3, so I’m going to have to go buy a new one… (It was a sucky keyboard, at least now I have a better reason to get a new one than the keys are stiff.) I’m also going to have to pick up a PS3 HDMI cable so I can view the pretty Blu-Ray DVDs… Like Pirates of the Caribbean. *drool*