Kyo no Ryouri

I’ve been on a strange cooking kick… While in Kaede Shobo, I was hit with the compulsion to buy Kyou no Ryori (きょうの料理) magazine. I picked up the October 2007 version. It has how to make various Japanese dishes that most of the English cookbooks don’t carry.

For lunch today, I brought a bento box from home. I made it! (Insert gasping horrified sounds.) Last night I made some tamagoyaki and Kikkoman gyoza. For veggies added asazuke kyuri (Japanese pickled cucumbers) and cherry tomatoes. Just in case I wasn’t full enough, I put a ready-made chawanmushi and some instant miso soup packets. Surprisingly, I was full by the time I finished my bento. I didn’t want the chawanmushi to go bad, so I ate it, but I couldn’t fit the miso soup into my tummy. The miso soup became my late afternoon snack.

Rabbit Bento Container

E for All; Spending Time in Downtown L.A.

So I went to E for All Expo today. 一人で。It was okay. I played a few demos since I was there and all. Afterwards, I walked to downtown Los Angeles to take pictures and eat dinner. I bought myself an expensive meal at Ciao Trattoria on 7th Street. I should write a more detailed report on E for All Expo.

Also, I think I went around and spread my newly developed cold to the wonderful people of Los Angeles. I’m probably gonna call in sick. I don’t want to deal with the A/C… Among other things… ごめん。

New TV Shows…

Two new TV shows I’m addicted to right now (on top of Heroes) and a few more that I’ve gained interested in.

Moonlight – Cheesy vampire P.I. story. Reminds me of Forever Knight back in the 1990’s. Good guy vampires = teh win. At least for me. There isn’t enough stories like that. My fear is that the show will get cancelled after a few episodes. It’s in the Friday night death slot and the basic premise sits squarely in a rather niche genre.

Pushing Daisies – Very cute story about a guy who can bring people back from death with the first touch, and then back to death with the second. He brings back his childhood friend who he loved. One thing I really like about the show is the saturated colors. The greens are a very vivid yellow-green, the sky is a pure sky blue.

Those 2 shows I’ve watched each episode several times now. The other shows I’m following are Life, Journeyman, and Bionic Woman (not so much). The main actor in Journeyman (strange title, in my opinion) is a Scottish actor with a Scottish accent. On the show his voice is totally different with an American accent and pitched higher. I saw him on Jay Leno and the first thing in my mind was, he looks like the actor in Journeyman, but with a different voice and accent. Hahaha.