Kyo no Ryouri

I’ve been on a strange cooking kick… While in Kaede Shobo, I was hit with the compulsion to buy Kyou no Ryori (きょうの料理) magazine. I picked up the October 2007 version. It has how to make various Japanese dishes that most of the English cookbooks don’t carry.

For lunch today, I brought a bento box from home. I made it! (Insert gasping horrified sounds.) Last night I made some tamagoyaki and Kikkoman gyoza. For veggies added asazuke kyuri (Japanese pickled cucumbers) and cherry tomatoes. Just in case I wasn’t full enough, I put a ready-made chawanmushi and some instant miso soup packets. Surprisingly, I was full by the time I finished my bento. I didn’t want the chawanmushi to go bad, so I ate it, but I couldn’t fit the miso soup into my tummy. The miso soup became my late afternoon snack.

Rabbit Bento Container