Party Invite, Real Life!

One of my coworkers invited me to Pandemic’s holiday party. I’m like, yeay. I’ll go to check it out. ^_^

Treyarch’s holiday party is actually not at the company! It’s at club somewhere in Santa Monica. I’m allowed one guest, so invited my sister. ^_^

My anime club friends are having a holiday party, too! I want to bake pumpkin pies for it. :3

Three parties all in a row (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). How am I going to survive? @_@;

Party Invite…

Like, what’s with all the FFXI entries?! I don’t know… I’m obsessing over the game at the moment, so bear with me please.

It’s usually very tough playing an MMORPG game like Final Fantasy XI for me. I have a long commute that pretty much eats away any meaningful time I could have playing the game. What usually happens is I log in, chat, decline various invitations, have an hour’s go at farming/cooking/fishing/NM camping and then I log off. Two of my friends invited me to party with them, but I turned down one, and the other I would have turned down anyways (I was watching my computer screen instead so there was a delay in response). My newest surprise was getting an invitation from a JP player to party… I thought, I’m still wanted as a white mage! Then I realized… I was still a level 13 ninja. @_@;; Like, wow…

After my shower, I log out from my main on Lakshmi, and log into Susperia on Ragnarok to level my newbie character there. My friend Valdimar shows up and parties with me on his summoner job when I hit level 3. Yeay! His avatars were really buff! After he gets level 6, we agree to log off because it’s already 1 AM. We run back to town and I decide to buy myself a dia scroll for 95 gil… I had to sell my rarab tail for it. ;_; I’ll need to farm another rarab tail, it’s a quest item in Port Windurst. Valdimar offers to lend me a few k gil, but I turned him down. I’m not a newbie player after all. ^_^ I’m rather curious how well I can play on a completely new character.

Ninja Level 13

On Sunday I got my ninja job from level 10 to level 13. There was quite a lot of death involved. I partied with Roukii and Lamente in La Theine Plateau. I think the most tank like thing that I did was when I provoked an IT mob away from us and I died as a result. I think they died while I was making my way back to them. >.<; I also died when we started attacking a crab while we weren’t ready just yet. >.>;; After Roukii left, it was just Lamente and me. I saw a trembling ram and I was telling my story about my first encounter with it. First time I saw it I thought it was cute. It was a new mob to me after all. All of a sudden it starts attacking me and I go down. >.<; Flash forward to the present, so there I was as a level 11 ninja trying to avoid it’s sight when I notice it’s pace picks up after me. I go down again again in two hits. ;_; Lamente warps back to come raise me, but I tell him don’t worry about it. A randomly passing white mage would come and raise me. One did, yeay.

I go away to shower.

When I come back, I’m determined to get level 12 for utsusemi: ichi. I die again when an orc see me while I’m fighting another mob and drain me to death. ;_; Eating dirt hoping for another random raise. Raise get. My friend Fynlar appears and start PLing me as I fight mushrooms. Not only do I get 12, I get level 13 that way, too. ^o^ Yeay! I’ll probably PL Lamente if he needs to get to level 13 so that way he’s the same level as me when we party again. If he plays more than me, I’ll probably need the PL. >.>;

Thrown Into the Past

Wings of the Goddess is a go! Thrown into the past, Susperia treads carefully where no Tarutaru from the future has gone before… Well, not exactly…

I was thrown into the past by checking the Cavernous Maw in Batallia Down. On my trip to the past, Atomos appeared and so did a Regal Feline (Cait Sith maybe?). A mysterious force knocks me back over the cliff (in the the most cutest Tarutaru-gets-knocked-back animation ever) and into the waters. I wake up in Rolanberry Fields… ?! A Hume finds me passed out on the ground and calls me a person. I would have said, there’s a Moogle on the ground because of my nomad cap, but whatever. Heheh.

After the cutscene, I run around and explore Rolanberry Fields and Crawler’s Nest. When that gets boring, I decide to run to Windurst. Forget unlocking the dancer job, I want to help defend Windurst! Yeah, not so good. I see a decent challenge Yagudo and decide that Sneak and Invisible are needed… Only to hear the grrr of a Yagudo behind me… ;_; I forgot I had repose to sleep and eventually had to use Benediction and then warp. Now I’m in the present again, trying to figure out how to get back into the past.

Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day where I meet Pikko, Imperial Ninja, Tomec, and Pachichachi in real life. I’ll also be meeting Brian’s friend Kidaa.

Plans for the day:

6:30 AM – Wake up.
7:30 AM – Clean inside of car.
7:45 AM – Go get car washed. Oil changed if there is time (probably not).
8:15 AM – Be on road to Anaheim.
9:45 AM – Arrive at the giant ‘O’ in CALIFORNIA on the Disney’s California Adventure side.
12:30 PM – Go to Blue Bayou for lunch.
3:00 PM – Be back at the Anaheim Hilton. Meet up with Brian and Kidaa.
4:00 PM – Check into the hotel.
6:00 PM – Registration.

I’m going to be gone from work on Thursday and Friday. I think I’m a workaholic. I miss work. I feel like I’m ditching work. I feel I am violating my work ethics. :| I also kinda checked in stuff without making sure it cleared the autobuild machines… >.>;;

Er… So my check ins didn’t clear the autobuild… Luckily, and by extreme dumb luck, Brian was at work showing the office off to Kidaa. I made him check in the missing files. I also gave him my last can of Dublin’s Dr. Pepper.

Now I need to seriously sleep.

Halloween At Work Report … 11 Days Late

For Halloween, I dressed up as a Japanese ghost. There was a costume contest, with a lot of good costumes. It was pretty cool. Some of the people (including me) on the 2nd floor created a haunted house. It was a pretty darn cool haunted house. A lot of work went into it.

We started creating the haunted house at around 7 PM on October 30th. I had to go home at midnight so I could sleep. Woke up at 6 AM with only 4 hours of sleep and went back to work again. I put my costume on at around 9 AM at work. After getting some work in, lunch was served and so was the costume contest. I didn’t win. Robert said that I was docked for not putting makeup on my legs. Meh, I don’t care. Around 1:30 or 2 PM, more preparations for the haunted house continued. We were finally ready around 4 PM. My job was to open the door when the knocking sound effects were played. After the 2nd group of people, Anna asked me to scream when the lights went out. There were some dorks that would try to force open the door, and then ram the door into me. If the door doesn’t open, then don’t force it. Geez. >_<

Can A Vampire Bite A Ghost?

After everything was over, I helped out with the clean up, but there was some stuff due that day, so I had to get back to work. I ended being there until 9 PM. >_>; It was well worth, I think. A lot of people liked our haunted house. It was a success. ^_^ I can’t wait to do it again next year. At least, I hope to do it again next year. ^^

Star Trek Movie Open Casting Call

Yesterday, a coworker and I went to Burbank to join the hundreds of people trying to become an extra on the new Star Trek movie. We got there early and there was already a line. After wandering around gawking at the people (and finding a restroom for me), we lined up to await our fate in the Star Trek universe.

Ok, it wasn’t that glamorous. It was a line that moved little by little. The sun was a bit hot when it started at 2:30 PM. It was almost 5 PM and rather chilly when we finally got inside. There were 3 people taking head shots and body shots of the wannabe extras. No smiles when taking photos. I look like a retard when I don’t smile. We turned in our gender color coded piece of paper with our information, and that was it.

I might have a higher chance of being chosen because of my marching band experience, but seriously, overall the chances of me being picked is still rather slim. Not to mention, I would have to ditch work, which I don’t definitely want to do. Health insurance > acting gig.

Star Trek Movie Open Call

Afteward, my coworker and I ate dinner at Pinocchio’s. It’s a very good restaurant. I have left overs. I should eat it now.

Valkurm Dunes Parties…

I finally got to party with Melissa’s character, Ashamoil, in Valkurm Dunes. There was a really dumb player in the group. At first he ran around wearing only two rings, legs, and boots. His weapon was a bone pick. I can’t remember what shield. He really sucked. He wouldn’t announce when he was pulling until I told him.

So finally, Ashamoil got level 18. When the party broke up, we went to Buburimu Penninsula to get her her subjob quest items. While Ash was on the boat, I outpost warped to Windurst to change my job to red mage so I can kill things quickly. All items dropped within 30 minutes. After all items were traded, we head back to Windurst by foot. Melissa becomes a BLM/RDM. Go black mage! ^^