Friday Night Movie Date!

So last Friday, I went on a movie date with Brian. I had a good time. ^^ We saw CJ7. It was a cute Hong Kong movie, much better than what Rotten Tomato rates it at. Very Asian in taste, complete with my kind of humor. ^^ After the movie, we went to the bookstore so I can return a book and get something else in exchange. I am pretty sure Brian thinks I have horrible taste in literature. >.>;; Hey, I think I have a horrible taste, too, but I just can’t help myself. They’re somehow addicting…

Kyou no Ryouri – Unagi no Oda Maki Mushi

Another recipe from my current favorite magazine, Kyou no Ryouri. From the same issue as the warm apple milk drink (right above, too!). I made it to eat tomorrow for dinner.

A slight jump in fooding topics…

For my actual dinner, I had left overs from several dinners, so I mixed them together to create…. a not too shabby leftover meal (sort of like fried rice, but better). I mixed daikon no soboroni and some sausage tomatoe sauce together to make…. Daikon no soboroni no sausage spaghetti! Ta~da! Seriously, it’s not bad tasting! I would take a picture, but I ate it before the thought crossed my mind….

Back to the original topic!

So tonight, I made chawan mushi. Unagi no Oda Maki Mushi (うなぎの小田巻き蒸し)to be exact. It contains udon noodles, unagi, and milk… A bit unusual, in my opinion. I’m used to having shrimp and shiitake as the main ingredients. I don’t think chawan mushis normally call for milk, too… It was simple to make, and as usual, it took longer than the touted 20 minutes. A slight problem I ran into, I only had 3 bowls. >_<;; I need 4. So I made 2 today, and I’m going to eat one tomorrow and then make the last one once I wash the bowl. I had a taste of the first one… Lightly flavored, pretty tasty.

Unagi no Oda Maki Mushi
Makes 4

1 Broiled Unagi (100g)
20g Mitsuba stems
400g Boiled Udon
Egg Base
2-1/4 cups Milk
3 Eggs
1-1/2 tsp Lightly Flavored Soy Sauce
1 tbs Sake
2/3 tsp salt
Mitsuba leaves

Estimated 320 kcal
Time 20 minutes

1.) Mix the egg base well. Use a strainer to break down the egg. Cut the mitsuba stems into 2 cm pieces. Cut the unagi into bite side pieces.
2.) Place the udon, unagi, and mitsuba stems into the chawan mushi bowl. Pour egg base into bowl. Make sure you use a large enough pot and pour 3 cm of water into it. Turn on the heat.
3.) Once the water boils, carefully put in the chawan mushi bowl into the pot. Place lid on top, lower heat to about medium flame for 2 minutes. Using a low flame, cook for another 6 minutes. Make sure to check on it once in a while. Once done, place mitsuba leaves on top.

Unagi and Udon Chawan Mushi