Poke Ahi Tuna

Last night, I made poke tuna. I bought the poke mix and a pound of ahi tuna from Pacific Marukai. A pound of tuna is a lot. Luckily, I managed to catch my dad in time from making ramen. When my mom came home from work, I rushed downstairs to tell her that there was a poke tuna.

Poke Ahi Tuna Dinner

There was still some left over, so I ate it for breakfast. :9 Along with natto, rice, umeboshi, and green tea. I was gonna go without rice, but I looked at the tuna and the natto and I thought, this is wrong. Raw tuna and natto totally need rice. And rice needs umeboshi.

I also bought a new bicycle basket, sent off COD4 to my friend in Washington, bought more potting dirt, and I finally got to eat a beard papa cream puff yesterday.