Sen in the Animal Hospital

When I went to go feed my precious bunnies on Saturday morning, I found that Sen wasn’t next to Hoji. I felt panicky for a second because they’re usually sitting together. When I found her behind the pet carrier squished up against the wall she was oddly twitchy, her eyes moving back and forth in a pattern, and she couldn’t get up. All she could do was roll around struggling. Oh, crap. I rushed to my room to look for the number to my vet. The 2 veterinary hospitals that specialize in rabbits were booked and a 3rd had a busy signal, so I took her to the Animal Hospital on PCH. They do have a vet that specialize in rabbits, but she was at the 2nd animal hospital I called. >_<

When I got to the Animal Hospital, a staff member took Sen to the triage area to be treated while I filled out paperwork. A little while later, I was pulled into an exam room where the vet told me that it’s either a parasite or an ear infection, but she wasn’t sure until they ran tests on her. The estimate for everything turned out to be somewhere between $700 to $1000. Ouch. ;_; Anything for you, Sen! (Oyabaka.) After signing the paperwork, I got to see Sen once more before I left. The poor thing, she looked so scared.

Later that day was a birthday party for Rommel. He’s leaving for Iraq in about 2 weeks, and is going to be gone for 400 days. As standard for Filipino parties, there was a lot of food. Yum. :9 Even after all that food, some of us went to Lazy Dog for more food! I got a salad and soup. That place is pretty good. We were supposed to do something after dinner, but Rommel was tired so we all said our good-byes instead. I hope he stays safe in Iraq.

Spent most of today doing some typesetting for my dad. Had some miscommunication, so it took a while to get it done. I was planning on working on the drawing for a friend in FFXI, but family first. I also visited Sen before I went to the gym. She seemed to be doing better than before, but still had a slight twitch going.

Dead Lady Bugs

I bought two containers of lady bugs for my backyard at Whole Foods. One of the containers was filled with only dead lady bugs. Ugh, I paid $9.99 for a container of dead lady bugs. I couldn’t tell if they were living or dead since none of them were moving at the time I put them into my basket. Hopefully, my one living container of lady bugs will eat all the aphids away.

Cleaned by bunny cage.