So some of my tomato plants are doing well, and some of my tomato plants aren’t. I repotted all my plants this weekend. I have green onions, chives, carrots, tomatos, myoga, and nira. I’m not going to say I have eggplant and bell pepper because they’ve never given me any foods to cook. :x

Waiting For My Flight

Not being connected to the internet kinda sucks. It’s not the end of the world, I know, but I still can’t help feeling bored without it.

I have plenty of entertainment. And when I say plenty, I really do mean plenty. Nintendo DS, mobile web on my cell phone, iPod, a book from the kiosk at the airport, studying materials for JLPT level 2… Of course, my Macbook.

The sucky thing about having so much electronic goodies is the fact that I don’t have any way of charging anything. I left the Macbook adapter in the car, which is at the Parking Spot on Century. My iPod usb adapter is also in my car. I left my cell phone adapter at home since I didn’t think I’ll need it. The DS? I charged it last night, so it’s not going to be needing anything for a long time.

Oh, there goes the airplane! Not mine. A different flight. Mine leaves in an hour from now.

Speaking of which, I’m sure some people are wondering where I’m headed off to right now. I am going to UC Davis Picnic Day to be with my UC Irvine band friends, playing music while dressed in a Greek/Roman outfit. Yeah. It’s going to be a fun weekend. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a weekend of lots of boring as well. I’m going to be waiting…

Aw, crap. They announced that the flight is delayed by 1 hour. :( Time to get internet.

Blah Mood

For the last two weeks, my mood has been blah. More than blah. More like down in the dumps, I want to bash my head into the desk, and die bleeding from the large laceration on my forehead kind of mood.

I don’t like it. It’s not fun. I want it to go away.

Dammit, go away.


I blame my mood ENTIRELY on a certain family member of mine, who I will not name, but most people will know who I’m talking about because I rant about it enough. If you get me started, I will start going off on it. My friends and coworkers must think I’m a basket case by now. :\

So what to do, other than blog about it. Well, it’s not something I, nor anyone else in my family, can immediately fix, but we’re working on it.