Late Nights at Work

I’m so close to being good for the milestone. So close. Yet, I feel so far. Maybe I’m over analyzing… After this compile, I’m going to go home. Really. I’m pumped with caffeine and ready to go. Home that is. Nearing 1 AM…

I wonder how my sister is doing in Japan right now. It’s already past 4 PM over there. いいな~。

My mom is back home again. She wishes he would stay in Japan longer than 3 weeks… Says the woman who is completely dependent on the man she hates.

Bad Back. Bad Knee. Getting Old.

It started off with a bad knee. One day I noticed that it was unusually sore.

Wait. Scratch that.

It started off with a bad lower back because I kept on doing the “plank” exercise at the gym. It wasn’t bad bad. Just sore. Which I think developed into the bad back after the right knee decided that being good was all that exciting.

Now I’m icing it (which I didn’t tonight because I forgot to put the ice packs in the freezer this morning) and taking supplements. I should take regular vitamins as well. I’m also laying off the gym until at least my back is better. It’s a sign to stop working out so hard when the best I can walk resembles an old woman going yoro yoro.

Star Trek Again

I saw Star Trek for the second time on Friday with two of my friends from work. One of them got to be an extra in the movie. He didn’t tell us about it for whatever mysterious reasons. We’re not hurt. *sniff* Really, we aren’t.

Tried to get IMAX tickets, but they were sold out. Had to go with the director’s hall instead at the Bridge. The seats weren’t bad, but I didn’t feel the same level of immersion as I did while watching it on IMAX.

I also bought the Star Trek movie tie-in book. Total fangirl.

I Am a Trekkie!

Watched Star Trek this past Sunday with a group of my coworkers. It was a fun outing, even if we all sat near the back. IMAX makes it not matter anyways. The previous Sunday, a group of us decided to go watch ST in IMAX, and I was appointed the organizer. >.>; E-mail was sent out on Monday and that evening I went to the Bridge to buy our tickets. I was amazed how packed the theater was when I was picking seats. One week before opening and the theater was almost sold out. Dang, popular!

For those who wanted to grab dinner before the movie, we went to Callendar’s Grill. Service was good, food was decent. Pricing… a bit on the high side, but the wait staff was superb.

After I saw the movie, I really wanted to get the tie-in novel, but I couldn’t find any. Later on, I discovered that the tie-in novel wasn’t going to be released until Tuesday. Smart. You don’t want to have the movie spoiled by a book.

Reinstallation Nightmare

Reinstalling software is definitely NOT fun. Even worse is when the DVD drive is a fickle piece of crap. I had to boot up my Macbook as a firewire drive so I could use it’s DVD drive. My external DVD-RAM is USB, so I couldn’t even use that.

Bright side is, my Mac is now running smoothly. Aside from the DVD-RAM issues, that is.

The crappy side is that Adobe CS4 won’t install on my computer. I can’t find the installer on the DVDs. What kind of idiot can’t install software from the installation DVD?! Me, it seems. My only consolation so far is the fact that Adobe has been widely being panned as having crappy installers on their software. That and the fact that it installs a lot of stuff all over the computer. That would explain the slow down I got when I installed the software the first time. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

G5 Needs a Brain Washing…

Recently my G5 has been locking up while the monitor is dark. I don’t know what causes it, I just know that the only way to be able to use my computer is to force a restart on it. Sucks.

I’ve decided to reinstall the OS again. Twice in one year now. The last time I reinstalled was back in June of 2008, I believe. Before that I had never reinstalled the OS.

I’ll definitely need to get another external hard drive. The burner takes too long to make discs. The DVD drive is broken too, but on a different level. Ugh.

Dim Sum, Karaoke, Games, and Poor Sentencing

Quick update.

Sat’s birthday lunch was this Saturday. We had dim sum. After the food, we all went down to Torrance to sing at Karaoke Max. Chris joined us, too. Happy birthday to Chris as well. The day wasn’t over yet, so after karaoke, we went to Sat and Shiz’s place to watch TV and play Bang. Well, I had to go late because I promised my dad that I would be home for dinner, and dinner being sushi, I had to eat it! :9 I made Chai late as well. Sorry, Chai. >_<;

On Sunday, I slept for most of the the day. Woke up to eat, and then went back to sleep. At 6 PM, I got up, showered, and drove to work so I could carpool with my coworkers to see Russell Peters at the Improv in Brea. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was my first improv comedy show, too.

The end.

(Oh, and my knee still hurts.)