Health Issues

I briefly mentioned in my previous post about the weird pinprick sensations I get while sitting. It didn’t go away. It’s still greeting me when I sit down at my desk.

I saw my chiropractor about it today. She adjusted me and I went back to work. I don’t know if it’s helping me at this point in time, but she seemed to understand what was going on. I’ll stick with chiropractic for now simply because I don’t have the time to add on more doctors visits. I’m already going to physical therapy twice a week.

Comic-Con 2009 Report on the Last Day

I decided to split up the last day from the previous post. Just because I can.

So, Sunday. Woke up. Stretched. Woke up my sister and bro-in-law so we could get some overpriced breakfast at the restaurant downstairs before we checked out. I decided on their French toast because seriously, cinnamon French toast sounded delicious. In reality, it was an overly sweet mess that I completely regretted ordering. That thing was probably close to 1000 calories. I should have gone for the simple and healthy choice I had the day before. Strike one against me. :(

After we had packed and checked out, we headed back to the convention to see if there was anything else to snag, drool, or laugh at. Rendezvous time at 3 PM to go home.

Originally, I thought of getting the Dollhouse Blu-rays but the $77 price tag changed my mind. I already blew a good chunk of my money away on the SF4 controller, so I didn’t want to buy another collector’s edition again even if it was cheaper. Amazon has it for $45. I think I might wait for the Gold Box version.

What I did buy was a cute 8 GB flash drive, a watercolor sketchbook, an HB pencil, and 2 books. I was going to buy an illustration book as well, but the vendor didn’t accept credit card and there were only surcharge-rific ATMs around the place. You’d think there’d be a Chase ATM nearby, but I saw none.

Saw Jyun and Shiz for a brief bit, too. And Steph for an even briefer period.

At 3 PM, began our march home. Well, I needed pictures of Laura and Steven at Comic-Con first. Proof that they were there when they become old and decrepit. Our trip home took longer than our trip to SD. From SD to Santa Ana took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Dinner at Red Robin, and then back on the road to home, which only took about 45 minutes.

And that was my trip to Comic-Con 2009. The End.

Going Home From Comic-Con

I’m on my way home from San Diego. Back seat of the Wasserman Civic. They’re toning down their lovey dovey-ness for me.

Time warp back one day….

After Ardith got off from work at UART, I had lunch at Buca di Bepo with her and the Wassermans. Buca has a contest to win a Vespa. I’m like, ooh, I want to win a Vespa! Well, I think I left the flyers back at the restaurant, so I don’t think I’ll be winning a Vespa any time soon. Boo!

Steven split from the fangirls at this point.

I must have spent rest of the day waiting in line to go see V, which turned into the line to see Fringe, which turned into the line to see True Blood, which we finally got into. A coworker of mine got into the Ballroom 20 line earlier than us, so he managed to snag seats all in a row for us. (Thanks, Mike!)

Dinner was an adventure of it’s own. We had to wait for Steph, and then decide on where to eat. First we went to the Crunchy Roll mixer. Free alcohol and food is always full of win, but there was no free food. And we were standing up in a really small and tight area. Next we went to a place called Taste, which really wasn’t much other than a place to drink alcohol… And a lame one at that. Third location we went to was Royal India, where we ended up deciding that it was too expensive. Next door was a Starbucks where Jyun and Shizuki knew a few people. Some of Jyun’s SE coworkers and Shiz’s childhood friend. I think we spent 20 minutes just talking in Starbucks, which was too much for poor Ardith. She left us. I got really hungry, so Jyun and I just started mosying out the door without saying goodbye to get our group going. More wandering around the place, and we just ended up at Royal India again. Yeah. Slick.

The SE group was still in Starbucks when we left Royal India.

Typing in the Dark Without Contacts or Glasses

Today is the end of my Comic-Con trip day 1. Technically, I think it’s day 3, but to me it’s day 1.

Woke up early in the morning to get ready. Managed to be on time, but I was expecting Laura to be a tad late. She’s not very good in the mornings so I figured I had a bit more time to goof off. Watered my plants, changed the rabbit litter box, fed my cute bunnies, packed my bags, etc.

I failed to notice that my cell phone was MIA. It took a few false starts to realize that my cell phone was not on me, not in the house and it wasn’t in my car. The only other logical place? Work. >.<; I also had to grab my wrist watch as I didn’t have my cell as my time piece.

The trip to San Diego took only 2 hours. I was amazed. I thought there would be more traffic. Getting my badge (and Laura and Steven’s) was a breeze as well. Go go professional!

Once we were in we split up. I decided to go check out the Guild panel, but it was full. I figured I’d see if there wee any of the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV joysticks left instead. There were. Well, 1 left for the 360. I bought it. I almost forgot that I didn’t own the game (mainly because I didn’t have a good joystick to play on). Gotta practice for the next Street Fighter IV tournament now. :3

Lunch was somewhere 2 or 3 blocks away from the convention center. I figured we’d have a better chance of being seated if we went a distance away.

After lunch was the Bones panel, except the line to get into Ballroom 20 was so long that it took me 1 hour to get in. By that time it was the Dollhouse panel. I missed part of the beginning of it, but I didn’t miss the unaired episode. Man, that ep took the show in a whole different direction. I liked it and I can’t wait for season 2.

By then it was 6 PM and I was tired. The pinched nerve was acing up and was a bit uncomfortable while walking down the stairs.

Hm, I think I haven’t mentioned my new ailment. >.<; I seem to have a pinched nerve somewhere. I think it’s in my tailbone, but I’m not a doctor so I don’t know. What I do know is that on Sunday night, pain shot through the region when I bent down to pick something up or put down. The next day my heels had weird pin prick sensations and the back of my thighs felt odd. >.<;

Anyways, if it doesn’t get better by Monday, I’m going to call the doctor to set up an appointment.

So anyway, after the Dollhouse panel, I grabbed my joystick from the coat check-in and went to the hotel where I watched 2 episodes of House with my sis and bro-in-law. Dinner was across the street at Anthony’s.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with Ardith.

Now I sleep. Good night.

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep.

For dinner I had a cup of green tea with my sushi last night. It was delicious. Of course, I’ve only slept for about 2-1/2 hours because that green tea was the finishing flourish to a rather caffeinated day.

Exactly how much caffeine did I consume today? Well, I made some iced green tea, because on a hot day who drinks hot tea? Two cups right there. When I went on a bike ride with my friends Franklin and Victor, I had several shot blocks with caffeine. They were yummy, like gummy candy. So I kept on eating them like an idiot. When I got home, my dad makes sushi for the family, complete with hot green tea. Any more caffeine and I would probably end up with diarrhea and the shakes. :\

Speaking of bike riding, it was my first time riding around in Palos Verdes. We found Marineland. Seeing it made me kinda sad as I didn’t get to see it when it was open. My dad took my family (aunt and cousin were visiting) to Marineland, but when we got there we discovered that the park was closed. As in permanently. Total sadness. We also found the haunted lighthouse that I spent much of my youth search for with my friends. Is it haunted? Doubtful, but it sits on federal land, and they have tours every 2nd Saturday of the month from 10 AM to 3 PM. (Yes, that was a note to myself for later.)

Of course, not that it’s past 6 AM and I have to wake up in 1-1/2 hours, I’m sleepy. Great. Just great. Today is going to suck at work. :(

Jaw Pain Update 4 (or is it 3?)

So a few things about my jaw and it’s pain. I clench my jaw. It’s misaligned. And I grind my front teeth.

The first one I’ve only noticed after Dr. Fujita mentioned something about it. The other two, I had no clue. I don’t know how my jaw got misaligned, but it is. And the grinding? It would explain why my two front teeth are a bit transparent. I ground the enamel away. Any more grinding on them would cause my teeth to start chipping away. >_<; Not good.

So the cure… Dr. Yoshioka, the specialist I saw today, told me to go to the physical therapist to get my jaw aligned, so then I can go back to Dr. Y to get a splint. The split is to keep me from clenching my jaw. He also mentioned that I may need to see a psychologist. I’m like, say, what? o.O; The physical therapist for my jaw was weird enough on it’s own, but then I might need to see a psych as well?? Um. I suppose it makes sense since it’s probably related to stress.

All of this is going to cost me a pretty penny. I just hope my insurance pays for most of it. >.<

Jaw Pain Update 3

My jaw hasn’t improved in the 5 days I started taking 3 tablets of ibuprofen twice a day along with the warm compress. The good part is, at least the ibuprofen took away the pain, so I was able to eat food normally.

I called the dentist again and he referred me to a Dr Yoshiyoka (I think that was his name), a TMJ specialist. The earliest appointment is on the 16th.

Also, it’s going to be expensive to get my pain to go away it seems. Damn insurance companies. I read on CNN or LA Times that insurance companies use an out-of-date database (or several) to determine the cost of medical care and how much they’re going to cover. Of course, they underpay the doctors and get away with millions in their own pockets. I have to pay $350 on my first visit because I’m going to an out-of-network doctor. I asked which insurance company he’s under, because for curiosity’s sake. He’s not with any. Geez. Seriously, our health care system is broken.