Cakey Cookies

Why??? WHY??? My cookies have been coming up rather cakey recently. I don’t know why. I googled for answers. Some of the answers were too much baking soda (possible, the ink numbers rubbed off my measuring spoons), not enough sugar, too much beating of eggs and butter, and on and on.

Ugh, I’m so frustrated. I wasn’t sure what I was baking before as I’ve never made those particular cookies before. But now, now I’m sure the cookies are off. They don’t taste horrible. Just cakey. I want chewy. GRRRR. Tomorrow after work. Buying more ingredients. Attempt again on Friday night. Butter is a go. Need C&H brand white sugar. And new measuring spoons.


I made fudge cookies. They looked like poop while I was making them. They taste like chocolate cookies though. Very rich. Took the good batch to work. The first batch didn’t come out quite right. Kinda gritty. Second batch came out fine. Next round might be black-and-white cookies.

Didn’t get around to see 17 Again this weekend. Sadness.


My dad thinks my mom is working the graveyard shift right now. She came home at around 7 AM this morning, slept till the afternoon, and then left the house again at 9 PM. No mentions of her new schedule. Like everything is hunky dory normal.


Information. News. Something. Urgh.

Upset. Irked.

Don’t care.

Lemon Chocolate Chip Buttons

It’s been a while since I baked some cookies. I remember the last time I brought cookies to work was when I was still on RvB… I think… I made short bread cookies and ginger bread cookies with frosting, punched into various shapes. Yum. :9

Also, I had a crap load of butter that was going to go bad if I didn’t do something about it.

This time I made lemon chocolate chip buttons from the Mrs Fields cookie cookbook. Most of the ingredients I used were organic or Whole Foods-y. It came out well, except for the 2nd batch. I overcooked it and had to throw it away. It was gross. :(

I also started making my lunch for the week, but I’m going to have to finish in the morning as it’s already past midnight. :(

Jaw Pain Update 5

I’ve been going to the physical therapist for about a month now and it’s going well. My jaw is definitely starting to feel better and thus on the road to recovery. Earlier today I noticed that it didn’t hurt while eating dinner. Brushing my teeth? Not much of a problem. It’s still a bit sore so I have a bit of a ways to go yet.

All this early morning appointments during crunch definitely isn’t fun. I feel like my productivity is down. I know my productivity goes up when I’m well rested, which is hardly never. So I was determined to go to bed early so I’d stop being dumb. Then crunch happened. Too many stupid questions. I’m also confusing my Japanese and my English. Instead of saying “ok” I said “hai” to my boss. :\ I’m so brain dead right now.