Wheezing a Bit

I was wheezing when I woke up this morning. It was kinda hard to breath, but once I coughed a ton I was able to breath again. I finally got a substantial amount of phlegm out, too. It’s a greenish grayish yellowish color. Yuck. I also lost my voice.

My physican’s assistant friend told me to drink lots of hot tea and take mucinex. He also said it might be bronchitis and that I should go see a doctor on Monday. >_<


Went to the UC Irvine women’s basketball game today. There weren’t that many band members that showed up, about 13 people in all. I think most of us were made up of alumni.

The game sucked. I don’t think I’ve seen the women’s team play so poorly. (Well, I might have… Erase the bad times from my head and keep the good ones.) We lost by 28 points. UCI 50, Princeton 78. Ouch.

I also think I made my sore throat worse by cheering on my ‘Eaters. Smart move, I know.

After the game, we go to Steelhead Brewery across the street from campus. It was probably the only area that wouldn’t by hyper crowded because of Black Friday.

As of right now, I’m coughing every minute. Darn sore throat!

Sore Throat…

Ever since Friday night my throat has been hurting. I thought maybe it was from all the yelling and drinking. Now I’m not so sure. It’s been several days and it should have cleared up by now, but I’ve been coughing and hacking. My rest of my body is OK.

I guess it gives me good reason to eat the nodo ame I have at work.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

Got back from the Treyarch trip from Las Vegas today. Had an enjoyable time there. Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel again. Ate, chatted, danced, etc. Typical things you do while in Vegas. Took the charter bus the company hired to get there an back. I’m a bit sad that I’m not staying an additional night, but unfortunately, I don’t have the extra cash to spend right now.

As a pre-party entertainment, a group of us started off at the bar in Pink Taco. From there we moved to Hofbrauhaus across the street from the hotel. Their sausage appetizer… Delicious. I even liked the sauerkraut and I’m not known to like that stuff!

My worries of gross food was completely unfounded this year. When we walked into the Body English (after breaking to get dolled up, of course), there were several tables of delicious food lined up ready to go. Yum. I approve. I even managed to shame someone at Guitar Hero, which was kinda amazing since I don’t really play that game. After a few more drinks, I was on the dance floor as well.

The party ended at 11 PM and turned into a regular dance club after that. We decided to leave and congregate elsewhere. After some coffee at Starbucks, we went back to the center bar in the casino to just hang around and chat. One of my coworkers got way drunk. I ended up taking away all his drinks and ordering him some water instead. Later on I heard that some bouncers had to take him back to his room and doesn’t remember any of it. I’m going to have to make fun of him on Monday.

Leveling SCH

I decided to level scholar in Final Fantasy XI (while I wasn’t playing MW2). I got it to level 11 by Sunday night. My dedication is still up, so I need to log on and kill some more before it wears off. That and update. Good thing I waited to update, otherwise I’d be doing it twice!

MW2 Causes Baldness

This past weekend was spent playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my 360. It took me 3 days to finish it on regular difficulty. I decided to try it on veteran difficulty, both at work and at home. Let me just say, I’m ready to pull my hair out on the Rio level. It’s just me basically going from one checkpoint to the next, dying about a hundred times in between. Good game though. Well made.

Flabby Arms and V

Yes, 2 topics in one blog post!

Did upper body exercises at the gym today. Didn’t realize that the month I spent not exercising has created a very flabby me. I couldn’t do some of the things I did before with ease… Ok, sorta with ease. I was able to do a set of 10 easily 1-1/2 months ago. Today I was barely able to do 5. It was sad. I need to make going to the gym a very routine event again.

Watched the new V with my sister tonight. Oh my gosh, it was much better than what I anticipated. Definitely going to be catching it every week now.

Halloween Weekend

So I had a rather exciting weekend (plus Monday). It involved kidnapping my sister three times.

When I woke up on Saturday, I decided that food was in order, but I didn’t want to make something. I needed to leave the house and I thought of no better way of spending my time dragging my sister out with me. She was about to eat some ramen, but I managed to convince her that going out for ramen was much better than eating the instant stuff. Unfortunately, we left for food at around 3:30 PM when all the restaurants we wanted to hit were closed. Food was finally in our tummies at around 4 PM, but it was not-quite-tasty ramen from the Express in Marukai. Quite disappointing.

Laura needed to go home to get ready for her party and I needed to get ready to go to the Galaxy in Santa Ana. I showered, and dressed up in my bloody tooth fairy costume. A coworker thankfully went with me. We went to see Elviss Simmons and the Memphis Strutters (and Dead Man’s Party). I was really hoping to hear Weird Science, but my coworker and I didn’t stick around for that. We need to hit another party back in Torrance and it was already midnight by that point.

The party we went to was another coworker’s. Lots of food still left, and the party punch was pretty good. New Dan was there as well. I haven’t seen him since Web of Shadows. It feels like a long time ago, but it’s only been a year.

On Sunday, I saw Cirque du Freak: the Vampire’s Assistant with Laura. Her husband was going to come, too, but he had too much stuff to do, so he bowed out. I really liked the movie even though I thought it strayed a bit farther from the books than I would have liked. It would have been really hard to stuff 3 books into one movie, so I can see why they made the changes that they did. One interesting thing Laura pointed out; the actor who played Steve got a higher billing than the actor who played Darren. I found that odd as well.

On the way back to our cars, we decided to check out the Circus Vargas tent that was set up at Del Amo Fashion Center. It was $30 for decent adult seats. I wanted to see it because I haven’t seen a circus since I was a little kid, and Laura wanted to see it because… I think because she couldn’t remember ever really seeing it. She said that she just knows that she did, but she didn’t remember it. The last showing was today (Monday) at 7 PM. I left work early so I could make it back to Torrance in time to get decent seating.

The circus was more exciting than I remember it. I know that they can do amazing feats of acrobatics, but knowing and seeing are two entirely different things. Laura asked me what I wanted to do if I was in the circus. She wants to be costume designer/make-up artist. I said trapeze artist. Such an unlikely answer from someone who’s scared of heights, but I really loved the bars as a little kid.

I really want to see Cirque du Soleil now. More acrobatic feats of wonder, please!