Gingerbread 360 Controller Cookies

Last night I made gingerbread cookies. Not just any kind of gingerbread cookies, but gingerbread Xbox 360 controller cookies.

Gingerbread 360 Controller Cookies

The recipe I used to make the gingerbread cookies and royal icing.

The cookie cutter was made from a strip of disposable aluminum pan, folded over twice to prevent bloody cookies. I wanted to lay white icing over all the top, but the it was too thick and I was too tired to really think things through. What I ended up doing was just dotting the thumb joysticks, directional pads, the Xbox button, and the 4 colored bottons. It looks not cute and kinda messy, but a good try.

My coworkers like them. I was only able to make 16 cookies. Fifteen went to work. Zero came home. While they may not look pretty, they were very delicious.

I’m going to make these cookies again for the holiday party up in Burbank.


Lisa Kudrow visited the office today. I wanted to get an autograph on a Japanese signing board (which I keep a bunch in my car), but I was too shy to do it by myself. One of my coworkers went with me and he called her name to get her attention. I don’t think she was expecting someone to jump her in the halls like I did. My hands were shaking from the nervousness.

+1 to my autograph collection. ^_^;

Dodgeball at Staples Center

Last night, I went to the Staples Center to watch Ball of Duty play against another dodgeball team. I was too congested to play, at least I didn’t want to get my germs on the ball. How funny would it be though? I took out 39 dodgeball players in a single game! …Ok, maybe funny only to me. >_>;

But first, we had to suffer through a Clippers game. It was sad. The Clippers lost to the Rockets 85 to 102. Ouch. I like the Clippers, but why do they have to lose so often? :(

After the game the court was set up to allow 2 games at the same time. Ball of Duty played against a team called F.A.G.S. At first I thought it was some sort of derogatory pun, but I found out that the team is really full of gay men. Their team name stands for Fun Active Gentlemens Society.

It was another sad game. According to my coworker, BoD only won one game out of the entire time they played. It was also a bit unfair that the other team wasn’t co-ed, but whatever.