I went to Florida with my boyfriend to visit his brother and fiancee. We didn’t do much while over there, mainly because there wasn’t much to do in Daytona Beach (and I’m not a NASCAR fan). It was mostly drinking and eating really unhealthy food. I liked the Maitai Bar attached to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, and I really wish I tried the spicy mocha coffee at the fancy coffee shop in New Smyrna.

On Wednesday we went to Disney World. We started our morning (or was it afternoon??) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was mostly an over glorified zoo. A bit disappointing. Afterwards we headed for EPCOT. I loved EPCOT as a little kid, but I didn’t realize there weren’t as many rides. The world areas held mostly shops and restaurants. Didn’t know they had so many areas with bars that let you sample drinks. Like, wow.

Next time I go to Florida, I want to go to Pleasure Island. It was the one place I couldn’t go as a kid that I wanted to go to. Although it looks like they made Pleasure Island a part of Downtown Disney…

Baby Shower for Shiz

I think Shiz didn’t really want a baby shower, but Steph and Ardith did. So the cookie baking party was turned into a baby shower complete with games and decoration. I made brownies.

I also forgot to buy a present for the shower. My lame excuse was that I was flying out to Florida that night and I was busy packing. Lame. I know. Also, I bought the wrong needles for the baby hat and didn’t realize that I had the wrong needles until it was too late. I have the needles now so I need to knit!