Samurai and Dragons

My Saturday was supposed to be full of samurai on horses and dragons. Somehow I ended up seeing dragons and a bunch of horses without samurais.

Originally, Adam and I were going to go see the Tokyo City Cup at Santa Anita Park. I think it was some sort of exhibition race with men from Japan wearing samurai armor along with a visit Japan promotion.

On Thursday or Friday, Ardith mentioned that she wanted to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D over Facebook on Saturday. I’m like, hmmm, I think I can do both!

(The movie is awesome. I’m going to have to get that on blu-ray when it comes out. )

After the movie, instead of zipping away to go see samurai on horses, we end up eating lunch at Islands. So, I was hungry. >.>;;

Also, I had no freaking clue where Santa Anita Park was. I thought it was maybe in Santa Ana. I don’t know why I thought that, but it’s not. It’s in Arcadia. I had to go home to google that, too. Freakin’ hell. Took us forever to get there, and of course, by the time we get there it’s past 4 PM. The samurai stuff is done and there’s only one last horse race left.

It wasn’t a complete loss, I got to see a real horse race for the first time, and I got to see it with Adam. When the last race ended, we headed to Dave and Buster’s to play some video games and take a look see around the mall there. I enjoyed my day.

Adam told me, next time instead of trying to do everything that I should just pick one thing to do. And here I thought I was doing well by skipping the L.A. Sake Festival…

Cheap Food at Costco

I’m sure that most of my friends who read my blog already shops at Costco, but I never realized how cheap things are until I started breaking things down. A frozen chicken bake is $1.80. A sausage is about $0.53. Like, wow. Need to buy more stuff from Costco.

Once I start growing my own veggies again, like wow! I just need to figure out how to keep the soil from drying out quickly during the summer.

Tomorrow, Disneyland/DCA. Yeay!

Last Regular Basketball Game

Saturday was the last regular basketball game of the season. It was a women’s game against Cal Poly Pomona. We lost. I don’t think we were ever ahead in that game. A bit of a bummer seeing the Eaters lose in their last home game.

After the game we went to Red Robin to get dinner. I got a chicken bruchetta sandwich. Too many calories, but oh, so delicious.

The men’s game started at 7 PM. It was an away game at Cal Poly Pomona. A spot in the Big West Tournament rided on this game. If the Eaters lost, then we wouldn’t be in the tourney this week. If we won, UCR got kicked to the curb instead. When we left RR, the men’s team was down by 10 points.

Listened to KUCI on the drive home until halftime. I switched to my iPod for the rest of the trip. (I don’t get reception after a certain distance away from Irvine.) When I got home, I glued myself to my computer to listen in on the KUCI stream.

Wow, freakin’ awesome game. We came from behind to win it in overtime. I twittered and facebooked when we won like a good Anteater. A friend commented how all the “old” band people facebooked as soon as the game was over. We’re just hardcore!