Obachan in 8 Months

My sister is pregnant! It’s too soon to tell what the gender of the baby will be, way too soon.

I told Laura, you better hope the baby is a girl, because I’m only going to be knitting girl clothes. If the baby turns out to be a boy, he’s going to be cross dressing for the first few years of his life every time I get to baby sit.

A day or so later, I read in a manga that all shoujo manga readers dream about dressing boys as girls if they don’t get a girl. LOL.

Last Hours in Hawaii

Currently waiting for my very full flight home. It departs at 8 AM. It’s currently 6:50 AM. I think I have time.

Homeland security threat level is orange, whatever that means. Should I start screaming at every suspicious person that comes my way? I’m sure there are a few shady people that I can panic around.

Wireless internet here is called ShakaNet. $7 for 2 hours. I think I’ll post this blog entry when I get home.

I already got ripped off for the ride here.

My stupid shuttle didn’t arrive when it was supposed to, and when I called about it, the guy was like, you’re not on the list of pick-ups and you’re supposed to call 12 hours before. I’m like, the website said 8 hours. Also, I signed up online 12 hours and 30 minutes before the time I wanted to be picked up. I’m going to have to call them on Monday so I can at least get my money back.

==Saturday, April 10, 2010==

I spent the morning just putting around in my room. Playing Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, and Restaurant City. >.>;;

I finally decided to go get some kona coffee (my last one on the island as it turns out) and check out the book signing at Barnes & Noble for the Descendants. The book store employees made me buy the book before I was able to get it signed. I was like, what?! What if I want to buy other books?! I’m not going to run off with the book. Geez! This line is short, and I would like to be in a short line now than get in a possibly long line later. Grr. I didn’t buy any other book. Crystal later told me that that bookstore made her buy a DVD to get a signing when she went for BJ Penn because they wouldn’t allow for free autographs.

After my trip to the mall, I hung out with Crystal and her two kids. We ate ramen and played mini-golf. Her kids are cute, but quite a handful.

I shoulda taken pictures of my food! Doh! I had ume-shio ramen. It was good. Thinking about umeboshi is making my mouth water. So goood.

Mini-golf kinda sucked. It was indoors and in “3D”. Just florescent paint on the walls, black light, and loud music. By the end I wanted escape. Seriously, that place sucked. The girl attending the place disappeared, so we had to wait at least 10 minutes to get in.

After mini-golf, we went to a really good Hawaiian snow cone place called Waiola. It was like powdered snow. Soft. I had the Obama’s Rainbow. It had passion fruit instead of banana. Yum. :9

I also got some girl scout cookies and other junk food from Crystal.

Later one, Matt stopped by with lots of stuff, too. Mmm, chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

I also went last minute shopping at the mall again. Got suckered into buying a hair straightener. It’s cool, but I paid way too much for it. Grrr. I knew I was getting suckered, too, but I didn’t know what the fair price was. I shoulda said, hold on, lemme go find the price for it online, and run to the Apple store to find out. Damn you sales lady! *shakes fist*

Dinner was pickles, natto, yogurt, and a crepe. The crepe wasn’t that good. It was more whipped cream and less fruit. -_- Darn you Shirokiya crepe store! *shakes fist*

Not a Yellow Submarine

Went on a submarine ride today. It was really quite cool and I’m glad my friend recommended it to me. I got to see lots of different kinds of Hawaiian sea life such as the milletseed butterflyfish and the spiny puffer. There were quite a number of green sea turtles as well. To anyone reading my blog, if you go to Hawaii, definitely go on a submarine ride. I think it’s well worth it.

After the submarine ride, I went to the Outrigger Photo to look for a USB cable. The store didn’t have any for sale, but he did give me one for free. Wow, that was nice of him!

I also found the puka dog stand in the International Marketplace. My physical therapist told me about it and that they were quite delicious. It was. Pricey, too.

When I got back to my hotel, I still didn’t get in contact with my friend from FFXI, so I went and sun bathed for a while. Two hours in fact. I was using an SPF 15 sunscreen, so I all good. :D

At around 4 PM, I finally got in contact with my friend Matt, and I tagged along with him and his mom to Good-to-Grill restaurant. Very good food there.

I skyped with Adam when I got back to my hotel room. Since it was a Friday, we got to talk and surf the web together for a lot longer than normal. Happy~

It Pains to Walk

Thursday morning I had breakfast with my friend Crystal. She was in the area to do some extra work for a movie with George Clooney called the Descendents. We talked about stuff, bento, FFXI, etc.

After breakfast, I went to Shirokiya to buy some Salonpas and Advil. Thought about getting a knee brace, too, but didn’t go through with it. I also stopped by the bookstore to look for a book to read since I finished Fool Moon a few days ago. Didn’t find anything I liked. More like, didn’t want to spend the money to buy a book that I may or may not like as I want to read more of the Dresden Files books.

I also signed up to go on a submarine ride. I figured since walking around hurts, trying to snorkeling or scuba diving might not be a good choice at the moment.

Which leads me to my next smrt decision. I wanted to pick up a USB cable, so I decided to go to a camera store to see what they had. It took me a while to get there, and it turns out that they were closed. I didn’t actually get to the store, someone told me that they closed and I called them after I found a telephone book. I had to walk a ways back to get to a bus stop with busses that actually run.

For dinner (before my trip on the bus), I ate at the Pineapple Room. I thought the food was alright, not anything to write home about. Overpriced, too. The waiter was kinda creepy and didn’t smile much. He also tried to short change me by $10. I flagged a waitress down and told her I was short changed. It took longer than it should have to get it straightened out, but I got the correct change back. I tipped and left.

I should check on yelp for what that restaurant’s review is like.

Poisonous Snails and Slipping On the Dance Floor

Wednesday was Stacey and Mark’s Wedding. It was quite a full day filled with fun, embarrassment, injury, and poisonous snails.

After eating breakfast at Shirokiya, I met up with Matt and Margaret for lunch. After wandering around for a bit, we ate at a Korean restaurant near the International Marketplace. Pretty good stuff.

The wedding took place at Ko ‘Olina. Very beautiful place to get married at. Unfortunately, it started raining really hard and it was an outdoor wedding. Large puddles everywhere. I was very glad I wore platform wedge heels. At least it wasn’t cold rain like SoCal rain.

One one of the trips to the restroom, one of the girls at the wedding party pointed out the large snails that crawl around the area. I was like, cool! Snails are cute! I picked one up and poked at it’s eyes and antenna. Later on, she comes up to me with a paper towel covered in liquid soap and tells me that they’re poisonous snails. Um. I already ate food with my hands. Yikes! I go back to the restroom to wash my hands off with the soap. Didn’t die or go into paralysis, so all is good.

When it was time for the wedding, Stacey looked stunning in her dress and make-up. Mark looked good wearing khaki pants, button up shirt and a leafy lei. I guess the guys don’t wear the standard tux like in mainland weddings. They really looked snazzy together.

When it was time for the couple’s first dance, a few of us agreed to go onto the dance floor after 20 seconds to take the focus off of Stacey and Mark. I did a good job on that. As soon as I stepped onto the dance floor, I slipped and fell right on my butt. I also injured my knee and big toe. More alcohol please!

So now it seems, I’m going to be known as snail girl and the girl that slipped on the dance floor. Oh well. At least I had fun!

Trip to the Honolulu Zoo

Woke up rather late on Tuesday morning. Cleaning guy kept on knocking at my door. Maybe he thought there was a dead body inside waiting to be discovered… It happens. Just not me yet.

For breakfast, I went to Shirokiya and bought some mochi cream (desert for breakfast, woohoo!), spam musubi, and cabbage oshinko. Coffee was attained at Vintage Hawaiian (Hawaiian honey coffee again). Made the mistake of stepping inside a tea store and ended up buying some interesting tea leaves for my sister along with pretty cups that I think I’ll give to her as well.

Contacts hurt too much at that point so I went back to my hotel room to remove them.

I didn’t think I’d have enough to go to the museum and have a good look around before getting kicked out since it would take a while to get there. Had to think of something else to do. I decided that going to the Honolulu Zoo might be fun. It’s close by and who doesn’t like watching caged animals pace around neurotically?

Looking at the map of the zoo, I thought it’d be really small. Instead I found it to be just small. >.>;; They had a peacock caged in a really small space. At one point he opened up his tail feathers at something. Maybe at the other bird, but his butt was towards me. I took a picture of that. Slightly voyeuristic, but hey, I thought it was funny.

Peacock butt.

I learned about Hawaii’s state bird, the nene. It almost went extinct at one point, but people managed to save and breed the few that were left. (It’s a pity they couldn’t do the same with the dodo.)

At 5:30, the zoo closed, so it was time to go back to the hotel. I walked along Kalakaua looking at shops. There was a shop that sold shirts dyed with the red dirt from Kaua’i. They had 1 women’s t-shirt, but it said Maui and Kaua’i. Why would I buy a shirt that has locations of places I never visited? That seemed silly.

Imaginary conversation I had about the shirt:

Other person: “Nice shirt!”
Me: “Thanks! I got it in Hawaii.”
Other person: “So you visited Maui and Kaua’i?”
Me: “Um. No. I bought it on Oahu.”
Other person: “Oh.”

How lame!

Found a Beard Papa’s. Bought a haupia cream puff. It’s just coconut flavored, but the taste was very light, so I liked it. They also had savory puffs, which was just over-priced mini sandwiches. They looked good and I wanted to buy one, but for dinner I already had plans on what I wanted to eat.

Dinner was spaghetti at Angelo Pietro’s. Ordered the eggplant and spicy ground beef spaghetti. So good.

Waiting For Buses

I wanted to spend Monday morning going to Byodo-in Temple in the Valley of Temples. Since I only had the bus as my mode of transportation, I decided that it would be an adventure! Unfortunately, that adventure went no where for an hour. When another 60 minute interval bus came and went without a single appearance of the bus I want, I decided that going to Byodo-in Temple today was a bad idea.

Instead, I went to Bishop Museum. I learned about Hawaiian history and culture, but unfortunately, most of that knowledge leaked out of the ears and puddled onto the floor. :(

(I need to go take the #2 bus again. It passed through Chinatown and that place looked very interesting and worth a pedestrian look-see.)

Once I got back to my hotel room, I ate some left over food from yesterday’s trip to Shirokiya and got ready for the Welcome Party at the Hale Koa Hotel.

There were conversations and congratulations, alcohol and food. It was really quite an enjoyable time. It was really strange seeing Stacey wearing full-on make up and a dress. Bizarro world.

After the welcome party, some of us went to play some video games with the groom’s group. He brought his PS3 as his personal carry-on. MW2 on the PS3 feels different than on the 360. At midnight, I decided to walk/bus back to my hotel.

I also managed to freak out my friend in Hawaii when I tweeted that I was waiting for the bus at midnight. The groom’s brother got worried as well, and drove out to give me a ride back to my hotel. I didn’t think it would be a huge deal because I figured there would be a number of people out to witness (and hopefully stop) anything bad from happening. I was wrong. Oops!

Hawaiian Vacation Part 2 Start!

Two of my UC Irvine friends are getting married in Hawaii, and I’m attending their wedding ceremony. Well, I may have said, ‘Invite me! Invite me! I’ll go!!’ to them.

So here I am, waiting in LAX for my flight eating a pizza at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s Thai chicken pizza from CPK ASAP and I just realized that they have “breakfast pizzas”. The last time I was in this part of the airport was when I went to Florida with Adam almost two months ago.

I also realized on my way to the airport that I forgot my travel book on Hawaii along with all the maps and stuff. A repeat of last time. Go me. -_-;

Gonna eat the chicken off my pizza. Can’t let their deaths be meaningless.