Disney Half Marathon

(Gah! I hate it when a program crashes without saving)

(Gah! I hate it when it does it again!)

No, I did not run the Disney half-marathon, although I want to one day.

I went to the Disney Half-Marathon to cheer on the runners with the UC Irvine pep band. We cheered, we clapped, we played music. CSU Fullerton’s band was there, too, and the bands took turns with the music.

I think this was the only time where Fullerton and Irvine weren’t competing against each other. We even agreed… Long Beach sucks! (Sorry, Rocchan! Not like she reads my blog… Not like she even cares!)


After the half-marathon, I went to work. Yeay! Totally sleepy though, driving to work from Anaheim. Bleh.