The Cake Was Not a Lie!

Woohoo! I made it through the baby shower!

Well, once that started it wasn’t that difficult. I had awesome friends helping me. I tend to get confused with a lot of people around, sorta ADD like and they helped quite a bit. Laura’s mother-in-law (I’ll call her W-obasan) was super helpful, too. She brought so much food! And Jody’s grandmother brought such delicious chicken salad. Shiz brought yummy cream puffs and tarts. There was a pumpkin pie from Chiaki (I think), but we didn’t get to crack that open. Sadness, because I love pumpkin pie. My mom made futomaki and inari zushi, her specialities. Everything was really delicious! 美味しかった。

Since I spent most of the week cleaning house (and sneaking in SC2), and that left me little time to plan any games. I googled baby shower games and picked the first few that required a pencil and paper at the most. I never realized how many silly and weird games there were. Also found out that a baby eel is called an elver.

After food, and games, there were cake! I bought a strawberry cake from Cake Kobo and I was sorely tempted to write something silly on the cake, like “Aliens!!!” or the like. I didn’t think Laura would like that, so I had them write, “Congratulations on the baby girl!” So I couldn’t think of anything else. I thought it was weird to write, “Welcome Baby Ume*” when she wasn’t even born yet.

Everyone loved the cake. Some people got seconds. Me included.

Still running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I tell you, ADD.

Finally, we get around to unwrapping all the gifts people brought. Laura got a high chair, swaddling blankets, lots of cute clothes and diapers. People were so kind. :)

After the unwrapping, that’s when most of the people left. A few left earlier. I handed out a lot of baby shower favors. Soap again. You’d think I’m obsessed with cleanliness since this is the 2nd time I’ve given soap away as a favor. No, I just don’t like giving away things that aren’t useful. And aside from nicely packaged soap, I don’t know what else would be useful. If anyone can think of something else that could be useful, please do let me know!

*Ume is not the baby’s real name. I’m just using it as a blog nickname for her.

Oh, Shoot!

There’s only one more day left before Laura’s baby shower. I need to go look up games. I need to go pick up favor bags.

Most importantly… I need to finish cleaning!

I did such a good job cleaning the counter tops in the kitchen. Can I eat off of it? I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s still not done either. I need to mob the kitchen floor and vacuum the living room. After that I can put up the decorations.

I’m also spending the morning with Laura to see the baby in her tummy.

I guess there won’t be a lot of SC2 tomorrow. How sad.

On Call for the Week!

Aside from going in to work for a little bit on Monday, I am on call for the week. That means I’m going to be playing a lot of FFXI, FFXIV, and SC2. Now you may be asking, Erika, how are you going to play 2 MMOs and an RTS at the same time? Well… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Since I don’t have work, I decided to make a trip down to Irvine for some fun with the UCI Anteater Band. So I was a little late. And I think I was the only non-freshman in the flute section. There was no one I recognized in the section. :(

I did get a free t-shirt. Its says in large letters on front: Antourage

Entourage. Get it? …Yeah, what the hell?!

Other things I need to do. Clean the kitchen. I think I’ll work on that Wednesday morning. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wake up at a decent hour. Like by 9 AM. Maybe I should set an alarm.

I also bought some baby shower decoration at party city as well. Half the store was covered in Halloween gear. Halloween baby shower? Laura’s giving birth to a half-vampire alien child!!! I would have totally gone for that, but I doubt Laura would have liked it…

On Call

I finally get a day off on Sunday. I think it’s the first one since August.

Well, technically, I’m on call, so I’ll have to keep my cell phone nearby and be ready to go to work if I’m needed.

My mom wants to go to the 第10回 Beauty Forum tomorrow at the Torrance Marriott Hotel. I think she’s too obsessed with how she looks. She thinks I’m not concerned enough about how I look. If I wasn’t concerned, I wouldn’t have sunblock to my face every day for the last 20 or so years. I just don’t care to present myself as something I’m not.

Some of the other things I need to do on Sunday… Buy more pellets for my bunny, start organizing baby shower stuff, clean house, install software on my new computer, and whatever else I need to do that I’m forgetting right now.