Black Ops

The game I’ve been working on for most of the year was finally released this Tuesday. There weren’t any fanfare for the Wii version, but quite a lot for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions.

Gamestop West Hollywood

Monday night I went to the Gamestop midnight launch event in West Hollywood. There were a bunch of my coworkers there as well. We signed a lot of stuff and it felt very surreal. I was the only Wii person there.

Call of Duty: Black Ops. Buy it.

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year fell on a Sunday, so the party night was the 30th.

A friend of mine threw a party at his new condo near the Hollywood Bowl, so that’s where I headed with Adam. Overall, it was a good party, but not a lot of food. The cohost of the party was baking pigs-in-a-blanket all night, which were good, but way salty. I also helped make punch, but it kinda got ruined when someone kept on poking and playing with the frozen hand in the punch. Hello! That’s not exactly decoration! It’s food! No seconds for me with the punch.

We left around midnight. I didn’t do much the entire day, but I was still tired. Being around people I’m unfamiliar with tires me out as well.

Sunday, I went to Costco to buy candy for the trick or treaters. Afterwards I went to Mitsuwa to eat cake with my mom. I haven’t done that in a really long time, so I thought I’d take her there. I had a cheesecake. My mom had something with a lot of fruit on top. We also had a chestnut and rice bento. I forgot that there was ramen there. No ramen for me. Sadness.

When night fell… The kids came out… Ok, there weren’t a lot of kids, and I knew that my area doesn’t have a lot of kiddies, so for each trick or treater, I gave a nice handful. Some of them must have been in middle school. I don’t think there were any high schoolers tonight. There were a few really shy kids, too. I really liked the small, shy kids. Toddlers, really. They were really cute.