Random Thought….

So you’d think a blog about random thoughts would have a lot more random thoughts than it does.

So here’s a random thought… Crap, that thought left me. Maybe I’ll remember it later.

Today, I went to eat dim sum with Adamu, Shiz, Jyun, Popo, and Ardith. Afterwards we got konnyaku tea nearby. On the way home we stopped by Ikea where Adam saved money by not buying the billy bookshelves, I saved money by getting Adamu to buy the chocolates, and Ardith saved money by not driving herself. Ok, so that doesn’t make much sense unless you understand the context.

We should have gone to Marukai or somewhere else afterwards, but instead Adamu and I went back to my place and we watched Bones and House. Yeah, I know, exciting. I got more of the ugly hat done. Just the mohawk left.

New iPad

I am now a proud owner of a new iPad. I got it as a present from Adamu, and let’s say for Valentine’s Day.

I keep on downloading new apps every day. Most of them free. Some of them I’ve paid for. I even bought keyboard for it. Which was kinda expensive I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t, but it makes typing things so much easier.

Overall, it’s a toy I could live without, but it’s still cool.

Second Half of Comp Time

So I finally get to take the second half of my comp time. The first half was 1 week 4 days as the Friday was Christmas Eve. The second half is 2 weeks 1 day. I return to work on a Tuesday.

One of my coworkers told me to go somewhere. I thought of New York City for a week. My boss told me that NYC doesn’t have enough stuff for one week, and it’s expensive. NYC is only fun if you know what you want to do every moment you’re there apparently. That would explain why there are weekend package tours on H.I.S. Maybe I could go to D.C. or Chicago? Then I realized that the Snowmaggedon is hitting that area right about now. Scratch that plan. Having my flight cancelled or be stuck somewhere isn’t exactly what I find fun and exciting.

So I’m a SoCal girl. I like it when I don’t have to wear a heavy jacket.

So I thought, Disneyland!! For a week! Adamu shot that down real fast. He’s okay with 2 days. There’s also Knott’s Berry Farm, and he’s never been there before so it might be fun to go.

I kinda want to go to Japan as well, but it’s cold over there and I don’t know if I want to pay $1k USD for a flight. I would much rather go to Japan when the sakura trees are in bloom, too.

What to do, what to do.