Star Tours

So one might expect with an awesome title on this entry would indicate that I went on the new 3D Star Tours ride at Disneyland. How I wish that was true. I did go to Disneyland on Sunday with Adamu, Jeannette, Laura, and Baby Ume. I did not get to on Star Tours. I don’t have an annual pass to go on the preview ride either. This is my disappointment…


Nonetheless, I still had fun! Ume-chan was there, and I think she was having fun. Well, as much fun a 5 month old can have at Disneyland. I think the adults had more fun than her. We even went on It’s a Small World. I sang the song with the music and clapped for Ume. I think the adults had more fun with that ride than the kids because I heard other grown-ups singing along, too.

Had to leave early though. Had to go to bed so I could wake up to grab a spot at the park for the Memorial Day BBQ. Adamu was dead tired as well so it was a good thing we left early.

Glee Live!!

Got to see Glee in concert. There were a lot more adults then I would have thought originally. Still a lot of ear piercing screams at the Staples Center. Good thing I brought ear plugs. That would have hurt without them. My ears were still recovering from the Elviss show the night before.

Planning a Barbecue

So this is my first time throwing a barbecue party. It’s going to be held at the park down the street and my hope is that I’ll be able to wake up early enough to be other people out for a spot.

I’ve begun preparing by taking a trip to Costco to purchase hamburger patties and hot dogs. I really would have liked to have made handmade burgers in the morning instead of pre-made burgers, but I can’t do everything at once.

At this moment in time, I have at least 16 guests coming. I wonder if there will be more…