San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Ahh, Comic-Con. The yearly gathering of nerds and geeks. The place where we can be ourselves. The place where we can dress up and not be thought of as weirdos. One of the few places where people mistakenly think it’s acceptable to not take a daily shower.

This year I had to miss out on Thursday due to work. Didn’t sleep before I headed out by cab to Union Station to take the first train down to San Diego on Friday. My cabbie didn’t know how to get to Union Station either, so I had to give him directions.

Did I mention there were at least 2 men in the women’s restroom stalls sleeping at Union Station? Yeah. Welcome to L.A. >_<;

Friday – Spent most of the time with Laura, Steven, Ume-chan, and my friends, Ardith, Shiz, Popo, and Stephanie exploring Adventure Time at the Children’s Museum there. I won a laptop case.

I now need a new MacBook Pro that will fit the case.

Saturday – Wandered around. Met up with my coworker Penny and her friend. Tried to donate blood, but my body didn’t want to give the stuff up. I did get to walk away with a free t-shirt to go with the lovely hole in my arm. My prize for having to endure a needle digging around in my arm.

Sunday – More wandering around and buying stuff. I also went to the one and only panel I attended during the weekend. There were stinky people there, so after the panel was over I left. It was a panel on drawing/painting in Photoshop.

I didn’t even try to go to Hall H or Ballroom 20. I didn’t try to go see anything. I didn’t want to deal with the lines. I said to myself, wander around and be free!