Lotteria Ramen Burger

Met up with Luke, Yuka, and some of Luke’s coworkers. We had some drinks at a bar near Tokyo Station. For dinner I wanted to try Lotteria’s Ramen Burger. For some reason my the ramen on my burger came out dry around the edges. A rectangular strip of chashu on top. There’s also soup (for dipping? Just drinking?). Overall I found the burger to be less than spectacular, but an interesting experience nonetheless.

Kamakura Daibutsu

My dad dragged me out to Kamakura to look at some of the temples there. I got to see the large Buddha statue. My impression of it? Impressive for the people of long time ago, but I feel like its been commercialized. Pay so-and-so amount to enter. Its relatively cheap to get in, but still. I suppose it pays the maintenance fees.

For lunch, we ate at a local restaurant. It took forever to get our meals out. I had a hama-toro-don (浜とろ丼) with raw shirasu, which I think might have been the first time I ate them raw. The shirasu looked like they havent been eating anything recently because it didnt look like they had any guts. A hundreds of dead eyes looking at me… Taste wise, it was meh. Definitely not worth the wait and price.

After looking at the daibutsu, we headed back to Shinjuku to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen. I wanted to go look at the greenhouse, but I was overridden by my dad who wanted to go see the lake.

For dinner we went to Sushi-Zanmai in Tsukiji, where the chains owner bought super expensive bluefin tuna fish at the first auction of this year.

Back in Japan

This time it is only going to be a short trip. Im not here for vacation, but for family.

But since I am here, might as well run errands during my free time. I already went to Book Off to get the Japanese version of Fire Emblem: Awakening and the Japanese version of Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the PSP. I also need to carry the two Nintendo 3DSes to get as much Street Pass tags possible for the 2 new panels that were released in the US.