A Busy Day and Broken Things

Today was a very busy day.

The morning started off with some mundane tasks like doing laundry, and not so mundane tasks like making sushi for a farewell party. The dryers involved in my mundane tasks were broken, so I ended up with wet towels hanging dry all over the place. Sushi was inari with the sushi-meshi being vinegared rice with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and green beans. My mom likes to make inari sushi with pickled ginger, but some people find the taste too much, so I left it out.

あれ?How come my character wont run in MH3U? Maybe because I’m carry heavy barrels?

The drive out to Mission Viejo was tough because the 405 was closed between the 605 and the 22. I had to make a HUGE loop around in traffic. That was not fun. I only got to stay at the party for about 1 hour and 15 minutes before I had to leave to go to Los Angeles to attend a JAM PROJECT concert.

Confession time. I didnt know who the JAM PROJECT was. I only went because my friend (the same one that went with me to the Blue Exorcist movie yesterday) asked if anyone wanted to go. I volunteered since I dragged her to my thing, so it’s only fair, right? The only song I recognized was Head-Cha-La from Dragon Ball Z. I sorta recognized the One Piece song, but I only watched about 4 or 5 episodes of that series. All the other songs were unrecognizable to me.

During the concert I was a bit distracted. I realized earlier in the evening while waiting to get into the event that the R button on my Nintendo 3DS was no longer functioning. Broken. It seems to work on and off, but its rather spotty and more off than on. Good thing it’s still under warranty!

Blue Exorcist: the Movie

Saw the Blue Exorcist movie today at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. My friend went with me, she was being nice as she has never seen the series or read the manga before. While waiting in line to get in (it wasnt assigned seating), we were playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The glare from all the bouncing lights outside made my eyes hurt. I got a few Street Pass tags, too. Woot!

The dub was not bad. What was bad was the volume. It was so loud at times I really wanted to put my hands over my ears. Later on, my friend said that she still had a ringing noise in her ear. Yes, it was that loud. On my way out I told someone from Aniplex that the audio was way too loud and that it distracted from the movie at times.

I also owe my friend $27. She paid for my dinner because I didnt have enough cash on me.

My Video Game Collection

I recently got an app to organize my video game collection on my iPhone. I seem to have a lot of video games that I don’t play, and I tend to purchase doubles of games. I’m too embarrassed to post how many games I own.

The take away? I really need to stop buying games I’m not going to play.

My book collection is a lot worse. At least my manga collection isn’t as bad, although I do tend to buy more doubles in manga… At least they’re super cheap.