I upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 7. Let’s see if things work better with MacJournal and WordPress…

UPDATE: The apostrophe still doesn’t work when sending blog entries from my iPad… I fixed this entry on my computer.

Almost a Wii U Party

This weekend was supposed to be my first Wii U party. It would have been if it wasn’t for the fact that I left my Game Pad at home. I brought everything, but that. Doh.

We played Cards Against Humanity instead. I won by 1 card. I guess that makes me the terrible person in our group.

For dinner, I ate Korean barbecue at Hae Jang Chon in Koreatown with a bunch of people to celebrate and say farewell to one of my friends. He got a job in San Jose area, so he’s moving up there. After dinner, we went to Milk for some ice cream. Tobey Maguire walked past us while we were waiting in line outside. I missed that one. Oops.

Labor Day Weekend

The August heatwave finally arrived. Totally late and mostly in September. The heatwave is ongoing as of now.

It does make for a nice summery evening with crickets filling the air with their call.

I mostly melted this Labor Day weekend. After sleeping for too long on Sunday, I finally got up and went to a BBQ party with the Lambda Alpha Alumni.

Sunday morning took me to the Anaheim Angels Stadium at 5:15 AM for the Disneyland Half-Marathon. Played music and cheered on the runners. Anna stopped by and took a picture with me. I’m not sure how I looked, because I was crazy tired, and the band was in the middle of playing a Muse song.

After the half-marathon ended, I somehow ended up taking charge and getting the packing up started. Seriously, wut? Every year it takes forever to get the cars packed up, so I was like, it’s hot and I want to get food. Let’s get this ball rolling. I think this year was the fastest we got the instruments back in the vehicles.

Brunch was at Lazy Dog Cafe. Love that place.

On Labor Day, I did not labor. Well, not in the sense that the national holiday was created for. I made matsutake gohan (matsutake mushroom rice), some miso soup, cleaned, did laundry, played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Animal Crossing.

Speaking of MH3U, I need to get a Sharqskin to continue on in the game. Ugh. Cha-cha, you don’t need that mask, seriously.

I was unable to log onto Midgardsormr this entire weekend. I couldn’t get onto any server on Monday. Supposedly SE is upgrading and expanding their servers today, so hopefully I’ll be able to play FFXIV tomorrow evening.