Booked a Trip to Hawaii~

One of the things I wanted to do after MW: Wii finished was travel. My original plan was to go to Washington, D.C. I’ve never been there so I thought it might be fun. Maybe I could visit Kaoru if she’s still in D.C.

Instead, I decided to go to Hawaii. Specifically to the island of Oahu where I have 2 friends that I communicate with on a regular basis. I booked my flight on Alaska Airlines over Orbitz. Initially I wasn’t going to rent a car, but I ended up reserving a convertible when images of driving around the island floated around in my head. Totally sold.

One of the people I’m visiting has a brother that works for Sheraton Waikiki and I can get a discount to a room through him. The hotel is right on the beach. On. The. Beach. Sold again. >.>

It should be totally fun. I just need to wax my bikini line and I’ll be ready. Can’t wait. :3

2 thoughts on “Booked a Trip to Hawaii~”

  1. And you can relax on the beach and think about noooooottthiiinnng! I think I’d like to go on vacation by myself and think about nothing. That would be relaxing. At least for a day. *laugh*

  2. Askimet too powerful. It filtered your post into spam! Doh!

    I thought of noooottthiiinnng! While reading a book, that is. :D

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